The Reframing Matrix

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The big picture:

Michael Morgan in his book, “Creating Workforce Innovation” devised this effective tool with the premise of looking at problems from a different perspective. The assumption is that different people perceive and understand the world distinctively hence, their approach to problems. Thereby, understanding their experiences may expand the range of solutions that one might devise in…

When to use it:

The technique uses two different approaches. The first approach lays a question (or problem) in the middle of a four-box grid and analysis the problem through four typical business perspectives: Product Perspective, Planning Perspective, Potential Perspective and People Perspective. The second approach is based on diverse ways of thinking, in the sense of…

How to Use the Tool:

“The 4 Ps Approach” The reframing matrix lays a question (or problem) in the middle of a four-box grid. The 4 Ps approach looks at problems from the following viewpoints...

The Professional Approach

Reframing Matrix